• 01/12/21 Tap List
Trapper’s Pack; NEIPA, 6.4% ABV
Trapper’s Packs (or pack baskets, Adirondack baskets, hunting baskets) have been around for centuries. Generations of outdoors people have made use of these carefully crafted packs that are the result of the blending of 17th century French explorers and American Indians’ cultures blending. Electric yellow, with a dainty haze. Layers of canteloup, lemon-lime, pungent pine, and lemon balm settle in the aroma. Flavors of strawberry, watermelon, and tropical fruit meet melon, lemongrass, and spruce tips in the wheat forward, medium body. A pithy hop bitterness lingers for a moment so you can think about what you’re sipping. As relaxing as that perfect afternoon in the autumn woods.
Landlocks and Brookies; Pale Ale, 5% ABV
Pale Ale fermented with the Juggernaut Kveik Blend. Pale malt and oats set the base with a whirlpool addition of Azacca. Dry hopped with Azacca and Ekuanot. Notes of peach rings, papaya, pineapple and lime. 16 oz
Tandem Streamer; DIPA, 8.5% ABV
An opaquely hazy goldenrod color topped with a white head that lingers a while. The aroma hits you straight away with the orange juice, pineapple, tropical citrus, and even coconut. The taste and creamy mouthfeel of the 40% Unmalted wheat and Oats is complemented by the grassy, citrus, and almost pina colada-like flavors.
Magnetic Sense; Irish Dry Stout, 3.7% ABV
This twist on an Irish Stout was inspired by the cooler temps and longer nights to come. The aroma is a mix of Dark Chocolate and Italian roast coffee. Once you sip it, the sweet flavors of the malts meld together with the sharper roast characters, then the addition of the Cocoa nibs become present leaving you with a morishly smooth finish. Being only 3.8% means reaching for another one is just fine.
Mountain Bloom; Fruited Lactose Kettle Sour, 6% ABV
our fall seasonal kettle sour. Brewed with Pilsner and Wheat malts, fermented with Blueberry, Pomegranate, and Cara Cara Orange purées, and lightly dry hopped with mosaic and citra hops. With an alluring appearance like Ruby Red Grapefruit juice, this beer coats your mouth with spritzy, tart layers of Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit and a myriad of Berry flavors followed by a lingering hop bitterness. Light bodied and tart with an afterglow of late summer fruits that will leave you missing summer, but ready for the bounty and joy of Fall and Winter.
The Great Ak; Dunkles Bock with Gingerbread, 7.5%
Before there was Santa, there was the Great Ak. This traditional Dunkles Bock is our ode to the Master Woodsman of the World. The addition of gingerbread and gingerbread men take this brew from traditional to festive. Aromas of dates, plums, toffee and cinnamon. Malty and sweet tasting notes with a light roastiness. From our family to yours, we wish you a healthy and happy holiday season!
Glass; DDH IPA 6% ABV
Rare and few are the days of glass, as any fly fishing enthusiast knows. This DDH IPA is uniquely tropical with aro- mas of candied citrus peel and stone fruit. Each sip is full of pineapple, melon, and apricot with a timely bready bal- ance. Fermented with an ale yeast native to Maine and brewed to make every day a little more like a glass day.
Fat Goose; Belgium Style Strong Dark Ale brewed with Gooseberry Purée and Cocoa Nibs, 7.5%
This is a collaboration beer we made with Smuttlabs in Dover. It has a very complex mix of flavors coming from an exotic blend of five malts, Belgium Candi Syrup, Cocoa nibs and gooseberries. This combines into a beer that reminds us of drinking one of the decadent Belgium dark chocolates only in a glass. Try it and see if you agree.This is a collaboration beer we made with Smuttlabs in Dover. It has a very complex mix of flavors coming from an exotic blend of five malts, Belgium Candi Syrup, Cocoa nibs and gooseberries. This combines into a beer that reminds us of drinking one of the decadent Belgium dark chocolates only in a glass. Try it and see if you agree!

Coffee Porter; Porter, 4.7% ABV
Porter with Maris Otter as well as a blend of chocolate and caramel malts (including wheat and rye) provide the base with a hit of lactose for balance (dairy allergies beware). After primary fermentation, the beer was aged on one pound per barrel of Wicked Joe’s Bella Maria, a light-medium roast. After a short cold brew cycle, this porter has a velvety body with a freshly roasted bean aroma and a smooth, semi-sweet chocolate note carrying the beer through the finish.
Mac & Margie – DIPA, 7.8% ABV
Mac and Margaret Macdonald
You could find them on their cherished Sugarloaf Mountain skiing, or on some remote trout pond in the backwoods of western Maine. When the weather matched the sunny haze of the contents of this can, Mac & Margie would be at the famous Sugarloaf Golf Course where the 10th hole, like this beer, is dedicated in their loving memory.
Landlocks & Brookies with Voss; Pale Ale, 5.5% ABV
a variation of our fan favorite, Landlocks & Brookies Pale Ale
Brown Owl; ESB, 5.6 % ABV
Reminiscent of a fine cup of dark cherry tea sweetened with caramel and served with a slice of toasted brown bread. Named after a fly that was first tied in Errol, NH, Brown Owl is a unique experiment in merging the old with the new.
Tall, Tall Trees V.4; NEIPA, 5.5% ABV
The fourth in the series, this reinvention of our long-running collaboration with Mainiacal Yeast Labs and Sideral Farm Brewery includes wildflower honey, Rakau, Azacca, and Citra hops.
Cascade Range; Fresh Hop Pale Lager; 5.5% ABV
brewed using Golden Promise, Barke Pilsner, and Golden Naked Oat malts which lend the beer its lovely bready malt flavors along with honey-like malt sweetness. Cascade Range has early additions of Nugget and Magnum hops for bitterness, and generous, late "Hopback" addition of Cascadewhich throws delicate Citrus notes like Lime and Clementine, along with soft grass and herbal notes. All hops were lovingly grown, and generously provided by our friends at Anderson Hop Yard in Rollinsford, NH and were used within 48 hours from when they were harvested.
Glass with Belma Hops; DDH IPA, 6% ABV
Our slight twist on one of our favorite brews, this variant of Glass makes use of a copious amount of Belma Hops. Get it while it lasts!
Mountain Monarch; Brown Ale, 5.3%
An expression of appreciation for the majestic creatures of the New England wilderness. This take on the American Brown Ale was brewed with British, Pale, Dark Crystal, and roasted malts which lend a mahogany hue and flavor notes of coffee dried fruit, chocolate, caramel, and dark bread. Cascade and Chinook hops add rich spice and citrus tones, with a lingering bitterness balancing the residual sugars and full body.
Dark Roast Coffee Porter; Porter, 4.7%
Calling all black coffee lovers! This coffee porter variant is brought to you by NH Coffee Roasters located in Dover, NH. A heavy addition of soprano roast coffee gives this porter a much deeper, more bold flavor than our traditional coffee porter. This beer also gets an addition of Ecuadorian cocoa nibs giving it a dark chocolate punch. Bold does not begins to describe this beers profile. The strong Italian coffee is complimented with Ghana cacao nibs, giving our house porter smoky notes of dark chocolate.
Pecan Pie Coffee Porter Variant, 4.7%
Dark amber porter with a mahogany colored head. Pronounced notes of baker's chocolate, vanilla, pecan and dark baking spice. Medium bodied with a smooth, sweet finish. Pair with decadent desserts and great company!
I Appreciate It!; American Light Lager, 5.2% ABV
After a hard day of working on your friend’s deck, free of, while simultaneously watching their children and keeping them from fighting all day, this beer is here waiting for you in our tap room to keep you sane. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then there’s a good chance you are a lot like our head of maintenance; Billy. Crisp, refreshing and clean, “I appreciate it!” is meant to refresh those who need it. It isn’t fancy, but it’s an honest beer. Here’s to our favorite Billy, and yours, we appreciate you!
Tmavé Pivo; Czech Dark Lager, 5.6%
The aromas of cherry, chocolate, and herbal spice emitted from this mahogany beer are rich yet soft. Flavors of bread crust, cocoa powder, and tobacco ride the medium body through to the dry, and slightly bitter finish. A lovely drink for late winter through spring.

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