• 05/16/22 Tap List
Laffy Daffy; Fruited Kettle Sour with Lactose, 7% ABV
Meet your new après ski beer. This fruity, tart, yet creamy and sweet kettle sour is our ode to the wintery spirits of the East. Plum and cherry puree provide jammy flavors while a hearty dose of Tahitian vanilla (if you spot black flecks, that's what you're seeing!) balances out the tartness. An eccentric sour that may cause one to become frolicsome in a giddy way.
Landlocks and Brookies; Pale Ale, 5% ABV
Pale Ale fermented with the Juggernaut Kveik Blend. Pale malt and oats set the base with a whirlpool addition of Azacca. Dry hopped with Azacca and Ekuanot. Notes of peach rings, papaya, pineapple and lime. 16 oz
Blade Barrier; Triple IPA, 10.5% ABV
We rolled for initiative and hit for 3d3 damage with our triple dry hopped Triple IPA, Blade Barrier. Hopped with Topaz, Citra, Ekuanot, and Motueka, this beer is a whirling dervish of pineapple, tangerine, tropical fruit, and grassy hop notes. Pillowy, thick, boozy, and aggressively hoppy 120+ IBUs, beware The Blade Barrier. Choose wisely where and how you cast it.
Magnetic Sense; Irish Dry Stout, 3.7% ABV
This twist on an Irish Stout was inspired by the cooler temps and longer nights to come. The aroma is a mix of Dark Chocolate and Italian roast coffee. Once you sip it, the sweet flavors of the malts meld together with the sharper roast characters, then the addition of the Cocoa nibs become present leaving you with a morishly smooth finish. Being only 3.8% means reaching for another one is just fine.
8 Weight; DIPA, 8.6% ABV
8 weight fly rods, primarily used in the salt water are meant to handle bigger fish, but allow for there to be a bit of play when reeling them in. Much like the 8 weight rod, this beer balances bitterness, sweetness and booziness. It has a big flavor to balance out its big abv. Big notes of ripe tropical fruit on the nose. Lotus, triumph and centennial hops give this beer a orange creamsicle character with a hint of pine and lime….12 oz.
Glass; DDH IPA 6% ABV
Rare and few are the days of glass, as any fly fishing enthusiast knows. This DDH IPA is uniquely tropical with aro- mas of candied citrus peel and stone fruit. Each sip is full of pineapple, melon, and apricot with a timely bready bal- ance. Fermented with an ale yeast native to Maine and brewed to make every day a little more like a glass day.
Stardust & Stories; Fruited Pale Ale, 5.4%ABV
A love letter to the stories that shaped us and the ones we create. Crafted with the 2022 PBS Hop Blend- 30% Idaho Gem, 20% HBC 630, 20% Talus, 20% Triumph, and 10% Loral. A hearty dose of melon, blackberry, and raspberry puree was added to make this a fruity, hoppy, and refreshing drinking experience. Lemon is pronounced in the first few sips, with bright bursts of berry as it warms.

Coffee Porter; Porter, 4.7% ABV
Porter with Maris Otter as well as a blend of chocolate and caramel malts (including wheat and rye) provide the base with a hit of lactose for balance (dairy allergies beware). After primary fermentation, the beer was aged on one pound per barrel of Wicked Joe’s Bella Maria, a light-medium roast. After a short cold brew cycle, this porter has a velvety body with a freshly roasted bean aroma and a smooth, semi-sweet chocolate note carrying the beer through the finish.
Rising Dawn; IPA, 6% ABV
A copious dry hopping of citra cryo, galaxy and sabro compliments the intense stone fruit flavors from our house ale yeast strain. A simple malt backbone allows these aromas and flavors to shine through and take the stage.
Ox in a China Shop; Dunkelweisse, 5.3% ABV
About a month ago our friend Dave from @ox stopped in to work on a special collaboration. We are excited to announce that it’s ready, on tap, and tasting pretttty dang nice. Introducing Ox in a China Shop, a delightful Dunkelweisse coming in at 5.30% ABV. A beautiful chest nut brown color offers up aromas of clove, chocolate, banana, and a hint of pretzel. This smooth and balanced brew offer sweet, malty, and spiced notes- kind of like banana bread in a glass . The perfect beer to enjoy during these last few weeks of winter.
Mai Bock; Helles Bock, 7.9% ABV
A deep golden color and aromas of light white pepper from the hops combined with a hint grape ester greet you first. This is truly a malt focused beer, but with just enough hops strategically added to bring balance and drinkability. However the clean fermentation also hides well the strength….be careful, she’ll warm you up! The perfect way to bring in Spring to Summer. Prost!
Paul’sNer; Helles Lager, 5.9% ABV
A widespread community brew based on one of the recipes of the late and much beloved Paul Davis. This Munich Helles allows the malts to shine with a hint of noble hops at play. Medium bodied with a touch of sweetness. A bit on the stronger side for the style, but this very much matches the larger than life character of Paul whose magnetic presence filled any space he occupied.……16oz
Surf Candy; Kettle Sour with Lactose, 5.2% ABV
Our summer sour is loaded with blackberry, raspberry, and key lime purée. When poured from the can you’ll be greeted by a brilliant magenta hue and aromas of lime, mixed berry, and a hint of coconut, the result of the Sabro and Mosaic dry hop.
Prismatic Spray; Pale Ale, 5.1% ABV
Our latest pale ale built with a simple pilsner malt base. Dry hopped with Elderado, Belma, and Citra Spectrum. Soft, citrusy, tropical flavors finish with a light to medium hop bitterness…..16oz
Over the Line, Smokey; Rauchbier, 6% ABV
Smoked Lager made with Pilsner, Munich, and Beechwood Smoked Barley. It's over the line, Smokey, but don't mark it zero.
Tall, Tall Trees V.1;5.2% ABV
The return of our very first collaboration with Sidereal Farm Brewery and Labs.Volume 1 is a hot fermented IPA with Nelson, Amarillo, Azzaca and Mosaic. I Crisp and refreshing with notes of Lychee, Gooseberry and subtle musk melon from the Nelson, balanced by the citrus flavors from the American hops make this an extremely flavorful crusher.
Mountain Monarch; Brown Ale, 5.3% ABV
Brew with British, Pale, Dark Crystal, and roasted malts which lend a mahogany hue and flavor notes of coffee dried fruit, chocolate, caramel, and dark bread. Cascade and Chinook hops add rich spice and citrus tones, with a lingering bitterness balancing the residual sugars and full body.
Evening Rise; Unfiltered Lager, 5% ABV
Ungespunded and lagered cold in our cellar for 3 weeks, the light and crispy carbonation brings to life the beauty of Barke Pilsner malt and noble Mittelfrüh hops.
Lucky Cast; Irish Red Ale, 5% ABV
A light bodied but full of flavor amber ale, perfect for the emerging signs of Spring. A fruity aroma of cherry, berry, and bubblegum leads into a sweet/spicy malt flavor with a slight spearmint pine hop flavor. A slightly tannin/hop dry finish leaves you wanting more. May all your casts be lucky!
Brown Owl; ESB, 5.6% ABV
ESB with notes of maple, toffee, caramel, and brown bread while an earthy hop profile adds a bitterness and balance.
Common Hope; New Zealand Pilsner, 5.1% ABV
Brewed with local honey sourced from Peter & His Bees LLC Amherst, NH. Dry-hopped with Motueka &Riwaka,
Common Hope is a nationwide craft beer initiative to raise awareness about Parkinson’s Disease and funds towards a cure. Created in support of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s reasearch, in partnership with Bent Water Brewing Co.

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