• 7/24/21 Tap List
Draught Animal; Baltic Porter, 7.8% ABV
Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Blue Ox Malt House. This big beer is 100% Maine-malted grain from Blue Ox, and Maine-grown hops from the Hop Yard. Chocolaty, pretzely, caramelly, oh ME, oh my.
Landlocks and Brookies; Pale Ale, 5% ABV
Pale Ale fermented with the Juggernaut Kveik Blend. Pale malt and oats set the base with a whirlpool addition of Azacca. Dry hopped with Azacca and Ekuanot. Notes of peach rings, papaya, pineapple and lime. 16 oz
22 Adams; Wheat Beer, 4.2 %
22 Adams is one of the smallest varieties of tied flies, but they have a big impact when on the water. Sometimes simple things lead to the most memorable encounters. Light and refreshing wheat beer. Aromas of honey, lemon and hints of wheat, with flavors of water cracker, candied citrus, and orange blossom. Made with Bohemian and Barke pilsner malts with Czech Saaz and Callista hops.
Evening Rise; Pilsner, 5% ABV
Like the traditional Kellerbiers (“cellar beer”) of Franconia, Germany, ours is unfiltered and unpasteurized. This gives a naturally cloudy, or naturtrüb appearance due to more of the original brewing yeast remaining in suspension. Ungespunded and lagered cold in our cellar for 3 weeks, the light and crispy carbonation brings to life the beauty of Barke Pilsner malt and noble Mittelfrüh hops. Let history and innovation collide in your thoughts as each sip transports you.
Surf Candy; Fruited Lactose Kettle Sour, 5.2% ABV
This iteration of Surf Candy is loaded with blackberry, raspberry, and key lime purées. It’s deep magenta hue compliments its fruity, yet citrusy flavor. Lime hits the nose first which transitions into mixed berries and coconut thanks to the sabro and mosaic dry hop. This beer is an open-armed welcome to summer. Cheers!
Brown Owl- ESB 5.6% ABV
Kveik fermented with maple, toffee, caramel, and brown bread notes while an earthy hop profile adds a bitterness balance.

Loud in Your Heart; Mixed-Culture Barrel-Fermented Saison, 6.8% ABV
A blended saison consisting of red and white wine barrel-fermented, mixed-cultured saisons, and a mixed-culture saison fermented in stainless with plum, blood orange, and sweet cherry.
Glass; DDH IPA 6% ABV
Rare and few are the days of glass, as any fly fishing enthusiast knows. This DDH IPA is uniquely tropical with aro- mas of candied citrus peel and stone fruit. Each sip is full of pineapple, melon, and apricot with a timely bready bal- ance. Fermented with an ale yeast native to Maine and brewed to make every day a little more like a glass day.
Cavelight; Porter 7.2% ABV
Lida Kveik fermented Robust Porter. Notes of unsweetened bakers chocolate, caramel, and a well-integrated roast pro- file
Coffee Porter; Porter, 4.7% ABV
Porter with Maris Otter as well as a blend of chocolate and caramel malts (including wheat and rye) provide the base with a hit of lactose for balance (dairy allergies beware). After primary fermentation, the beer was aged on one pound per barrel of Wicked Joe’s Bella Maria, a light-medium roast. After a short cold brew cycle, this porter has a velvety body with a freshly roasted bean aroma and a smooth, semi-sweet chocolate note carrying the beer through the finish.
Corn Fed Sally; Cream Ale, 6.1% ABV
Named for a small stonefly tie, Corn Fed Sally is a unique encounter for trout. It’s said that instead of greedily consuming this style of fly, trout take a slower and more thoughtful approach. If ever a beer was a Corn Fed Sally, it’s our first Cream Ale. Drinkable and made for warmer weather, the “cream” here refers to the mouthfeel- smooth and silky. Instead of gulping, you’ll want to savor each refreshing sip. When immigrating Germans introduced America to German styles of beer in the 19th century, Midwestern brewers created their own inspired brew- the Cream Ale. Brewed with the signature ingredient of corn, this beer is light bodied and balanced with fruity esters.
Mac & Margie – DIPA, 7.8% ABV
Mac and Margaret Macdonald
You could find them on their cherished Sugarloaf Mountain skiing, or on some remote trout pond in the backwoods of western Maine. When the weather matched the sunny haze of the contents of this can, Mac & Margie would be at the famous Sugarloaf Golf Course where the 10th hole, like this beer, is dedicated in their loving memory.
Keep New Hampshire Brewing; NEDIPA, 8.4% ABV
Our contribution to the Keep NH Brewing Collaboration Beer Trail. Brewed using barley and oats from Maine Malt House, NH Wildflower Honey from Peter and His Bees, and lactose; Chinook hops donated by Crosby Hops, El Dorado, and Nelson hops in the kettle, whirlpool, and dry hop. Fermented with yeast sponsored by White Labs. A subtle aroma of lemon zest and melon serves as a prelude to a smooth yet crispy bite. The familiar and beloved tasting notes of your traditional citrus-forward IPA are there, but standout pops of gooseberry and white grape set this brew apart from the crowd. Bonus: wait for the pleasantly delayed arrival of honey to linger in the aftertaste.
Shut the Bock; Helles Bock, 7.5% ABV
This Helles Bock is named after the beloved pub game Shut the Box. The rules are simple. Roll the dice, knock down the sum of the pips, repeat until all numbers are down, shut the box. Try your luck with this strong, golden lager. Sub- tle caramel, bready, earthy hop character. Simple, sturdy, crisp.
Whip Finish; Session IPA, 4.3% ABV
This little beer packs a bite! Light haze, hop forward with notes of dry pear and citrus rind. Dry hopped with African Queen, Strata, and El Dorado hops. This summer session is perfect to sip on all day in the summer heat.
Tandem Streamer; Double IPA, 8.5% ABV
An opaquely hazy goldenrod color topped with a white head that lingers a while. The aroma hits you straight away with the orange juice, pineapple, tropical citrus, and even coconut. The taste and creamy mouthfeel of the 40% Unmalt- ed wheat and Oats is complemented by the grassy, citrus, and almost pina colada-like flavors. The bitterness comes through in waves and leaves you needing another sip.

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