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The people who work at our team share the vision and values of our community.


Cathi Frakes- Head Brewe

When Northwoods was seeking out a head brewer to turn the reins over to, Cathi immediately stood out as the ideal candidate. With five years of experience in the Boston and Seacoast brewery scene under her belt, Cathi brings a unique and valuable skill set to the table. A true leader, her organization and enthusiasm ensures that the Northwoods team is consistently delivering to the best of their ability. Her energy and attitude is contagious, and her creativity and imagination when it comes to potential recipes are endless. Once she has an idea, she sees it to fruition. Cathi is thrilled to work with others who share her passion for beer. Northwoods has enabled her to make more beer than ever, and she is grateful for the fingerprint she gets to leave on each pint. 

Geoff Gyles- Brewer

Geoff has worked in the brewing industry for five years now. A true team player, he recognizes the importance of every step of beer production and does all he can to ensure the well-being of the beer at each stage of the game. His background knowledge of highly sanitary production brewing practices helps Northwoods to produce the most quality product possible. His love of beer and breweries helps Northwoods to stay current while also paying respect to its roots. He appreciates the opportunity to work with Cathi, Alex, and other brewery friends in collaborative efforts. 

Alexander Kopf- Assistant Brewer

Alex comes to Northwoods with over 22 years experience in brewing. A valued member of the brew team, he is continuously working towards improving our efficiency and quality control. Over the years, Alex has ingrained himself within the brew community and has grown his knowledge through the connections he’s made and educates himself with whatever beer literature he can get his hands on. He appreciates the community feel that Northwoods provides, and enjoys getting to work with other local businesses, the owners, friends, and the other members of the brew team.

Northwoods Brewing Company’s beer is available on draught at select bars and restaurants in the Seacoast area. See the locations and get directions on our interactive map.


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